Stegosaurus Add-On

ID: 19226

Stegosaurus! Don’t talk to me about low brain-to-body weight ratio; who cares! If they could bring these back I think we’d all want one. Maybe two. Depends how many you could fit in your bedroom, I guess.

Beautiful creatures, are they not? The gentlemen warriors of the dinosaur world no doubt. Maybe small amounts of doubt. But hardly any at all.

Vital Statistics

  • They spawn in savanna (most common) and plains biomes
  • Adults are not tameable
  • Babies are tameable with chorus fruit (just like real life)
  • You can accelerate their growth with chorus flowers
  • One a tamed baby has grown up, they’re still tamed and you can breed them with chorus flowers, obviously
  • Can’t hurt with projectiles (tough armor), or magic (uh, tough armor..??), and no fall damage (…got nothin’).
  • Can heal them with most plants / plant based things (especially pumpkin pie)
  • Will attack endermen (yay), T-Rex, velociraptors, zombies


1. Stego