Modern Interior Ideas

ID: 198

Do you lack of inspiration for your home? Then you need to energize your home with interior ideas and furnitures from here! Tons of ideas, furnitures, and style for every part of your room!


Created by: PocketKent, Twitter Account (@imkent13)

With ideas on every room, and 25+ furnitures and over 100+ sooner for your home’s interior! There will be also season-themed interior ideas, especially for the coming season!

The purporse of this map is to give information about improving one’s home interior, and the ability of a player to make a house look more better and appealing to others! 


Over 100+ furnitures, utilities, and redstone stuff, along with addition of more diverse home rooms, will be added on a future update. Also, quick tips and instructions will be provided.

Your feedback is important and is open for everyone (I do recognize feedbacks). For feature requests or any question, feel free to message my Twitter Account, @imkent13 or the comment section below!