You might be wondering that what Temple Run crazy edition is? Well it is a minecraft map and it is exactly how you think it is, or how th name explains it.

The map is 20,000 blocks long , yes 20k!

But dont panic or at least not yet because the map isn’t that difficult as you might think 

For those who dont know what Temple run maps are , basically they are maps that you as a player run as fast as you possibly can and try to avoid traps and enemies and try to get the highest score you possibly can.

This map is 20,000 blocks long and has a variety of biomes and creative gameplay ideas so you as a player dont get boared very fast. 

All in all the map is made for fun and I wont spoil anything anymore and I hope you enjoy the map.

Main features:

  • Lag friendly :

I have focused a lot on this part to make the map as smooth as possible

  • Despawning system:

I made a despawing so if every mob gets further than 30 block it will be automatically dead , hopefully this will remove a lot of lag

  • Different gameplays:

I added a lot of fan and creative gameplay options so you dont get bored really fast

  • Checkpoint system:

Every now and then your spawnpoint will be set so you dont have to star from the beginning

  • 21 kinds of traps:

Every biome and place has a specific traps and mobs on it 


  • This map does not support multiplayer : 

Technically you can play multiplayer , but if you do play multiplayer expect some wacky and steange behaviors in the map , so we would not recommend it, we will however try to add multiplayer in the future updates

  • Death:

Because the map is so big and there is command blocks running all the time you might not die sometimes this is a bug and hopefully will be fixed in the next version

Pictures time!


1. Temple-run-crazy-edition