Terrible World (Humanoid Terrors)

ID: 20388

Have you ever wanted to see monsters from movies and myths in your world? This add-on will give you this opportunity.Adding monsters from movies and myths to minecraft.Such as: Wendigo, Rake, Alien, Siren head.

HP:150. Attack:28

Wendigo – this monster from mythology is represented by the spirit of terrible hunger.

HP:80.    Attack:8

A rake is a creature that appears in small settlements.

HP:120.     Attack:14

Alien is a monster from films that are not needs an introduction.

HP:180.     Attack:20

Siren Head this monster also needs no introduction, everyone knows that now it is very popular

HP:100.    Attack:20

It doesn’t need an introduction either.

(model Creator  Pixel 206)

HP:120           Attack:14

A predator a monster that has appered in numerous movies and hates Alien.

HP:160.      Attack:20

Monster from the movie a quiet place

HP:150.    Attack:20

Future Predators were shown in the film Primeval..

HP:20.       Attack:4

Monster of African mythology.

HP;100          attack;18

Chupacabra is a monster of Spanish mythology that drinks the blood of goats.

HP;40          attack;4

Yuki Onna the spirit of Japanese mythology treats the player neutrally.

HP;140          attack;40

The werewolf is a monster of movies and myths that doesn’t need any introduction.

HP;100          attack;20

The Hellhound is a monster from mythology that lives in hell

HP;200       attack;20

Frostman is a monster of mythology that lives high in the frosty mountains.

Chibi versions of bosses made for a cute atmosphere. At the moment they don’t fall out with the boss but soon it will all be fixed. In the meantime, you can feed them cookies and they will become your friends.

HP;150           attack;20

Demogorgon is a monster that got its popularity from the TV series very strange things.

HP;300        attack;40

Kanivore monster from 1 episode of the TV series love, death and robot

Enforcer a robot taken from the ARK game. In the fashion of being a means of transport at the moment you can not get it anywhere but soon it will all be fixed.

Added a merchant who will sell you everything you need to call bosses and charge robots.(Mod developer skin )

HP;800       attack;250

Cartoon cat a monster that everyone loves and fears doesn’t need to be represented.

HP;1000        attack;500

Wendigo Omega the terrible spirit of hunger. Yes there is already a wendigo in fashion but I decided to make a more terrible version which is the boss.

HP;400        attack;60

Big Siren relative Siren Head it moves on all fours and has a huge siren.

HP;800        attack;180

Clover the monster from the movie Cloverfield. Unfortunately, there are no parasites in fashion.

HP:1000      attack;500

Otachi 4 category Raijin from the movie Pacific Rim . In fashion, it is presented as a boss.

HP:3000   attack;600

Kajju 5 category Raijin from the movie Pacific Rim 2. In fashion, it is presented as a boss.

Added an element that will spawn around the world.

The Fault Creator is necessary for creating bosses. So far, there is no way to get it in survival.

You need a charging station to charge your robots.

The satanic circle is needed to summon bosses

All trophies that can be obtained from mobs.


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