This is a map I just decided to cobble up out of the blue one day, I had inspiration from Among Us and TTT, hence the title. It ain’t the prettiest or most functional but it gets the job done and its a great deal of fun

What it Has

  1. Piston Foolery (mostly doors)
  2. Mild Tasks: Flip switches task done (note: someone must keep track of tasks, it does not auto-end, chat will show what’s been done
  3. Sabotage: Lights and others tasks can be sabotaged, no safeguard to prevent innocents from sabotage, all are near each other
  4. Meetings: button calls meeting, tp command used
  5. Mild Commands: start round, cheats, /say, etc…
  6. hidden rooms: (;
  7. waiting room after death
  8. vents, not safeguarded


1. Amogus