A tycoon in Minecraft would be cool. That’s why I made a new better tycoon. I also fixed many old bugs and now you can’t buy everything with 0 Coins. It take me 3 Weeks to build this map if you wanted more maps share this with your friends. 

I have now made 2 sticks. I also did that you can buy Walls.

I have made a new better conveyor. Now 3D boxes are also being transported. There is also a chlicker. You just have to press the button and you get coins. I also did an assembly animation for the dropper. 

Of course, you can also buy more droppers and get coins faster.

There is another conveyor to get coins faster.

There is also a city where you can talk to the Npc. There you will also find the jump and run. If you finish the jump and run you get 100 Coins. 

In the map are hidden Codes find them and put them into the dropper to get coins. It gave 4 Codes. 

In the city you can buy workers. The workers give you all few seconds coins. 

Buy all thinks and win the game. 


1. Tycoon-map