“Ultimate Sword Addon” for Minecraft PE – a powerful weapon

ID: 17858

The first step in creating your powerful weapon is the assembly of one of its three parts: the blade, the handle and the transverse protection.
Let’s start with the blade


For the blade you will need seven blocks of diamond and two obsidian

Kraft Blade

Transverse protection

The next protection requires three obsidians and one diamond block.

Kraft lateral protection


Requires two end stars and five obsidians

Craft Stick

“Ultimate Sword”

Now you can assemble the sword itself

Craft “Ultimate Sword”

Ultimate Sword deals 30 damage, which is enough for a single kill of an unarmed player, creeper or most other ordinary monsters.

Along with a huge amount of damage, you will also receive speed, resistance, jump acceleration and a slow fall.

Звучит очень имбово, но в конце концов, меч требует 2 звезды энда, 10 обсидианов и 72 алмаза. 

And you can download the addon on our website by the button below 🙂


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