Player Mount Mod

Already since the release of the game, minecrafters are looking for vehicles that would allow them to move faster. Unfortunately, there are only a couple of them in the original Minecraft PE client. But an entertaining idea came to the head of a fan-developer, which he embodied in the Player Mount mod.

Thanks to this mod, players will have the opportunity to ride on other players. This is both weird and cool.  Up to four players fit on one person!

Ravine Parkour Map

The Ravine Parkour map has the ability to kill the main character in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Well, in the sense that, unlike his fellow genres, the Ravine Parkour map has many lava lakes. Sometimes you will have to wade into the MCBE through these dangerous places. By the way, the whole map is quite large in MCPE.

The Ravine Parkour map works in Minecraft Bedrock Edition for versions 1.13 and 1.14. At the same time, she uses standard textures and resources in the game. But you won’t be able to play with friends, it is intended for a single passage in the MCPE.

Not Java Edition Subtitle

Do you like the Java Edition logo, but also want to keep part of the bedrock logo in it? This really is meant to be a joke pack, but use it however you’d like! Mainly, this was meant to be something to test out in Photoshop, but I went ahead and made it into a pack anyways.

Little bit of a joke, but kind of a nice addon to a set.

Even before the pack was made, I managed to make a photoshopped version of what the pack should have looked like.

Mine&Run 1.3 Release

Let’s start, this map is mini game built on command_blocks, it is about the mining and is like that a mini game murder mystery but updated and harder than it, here can you play also one and with friends 2-5 players.

How to play?

On this map is 4 mining mods, they are: multimine and singlemine, watermine and spider rush

Multimining – this map is made for many players, they are 2 teams, Miners and herobrine, herobrine chances-12,5% miners chances-87,5%

Here miners will mining ores and put it in chest, chest give you one point for one ore, points are write in scoreboard, 30 points and miners win, how to win when you are herobrine, kill players, don’t get them gold mining and in some time you win.

Zombiemining-this mode is made for 1 player. Here is not herobrine but the angry zombie, he hate when his gold people are mine and he kill the players, mine 30 gold ores put is in chest and you win. 

Death run-here players will run from miner skeletons

UnderWater-like singlemine but harder, you will mine in water gold blocks but

guardian will kill you! Survive and put gold in chest 30 gold win

MineRace-Funny Mini game where can 2-5 players battle in fast mining

– – – – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – –  – – – –  – 

New HELL mining-Here you should get many ore!!! But poison will hurt you!!!


  • You can kill herobrine with pickaxe
  • Don’t put pickaxe or cobblestone or other blocks in hopper
  • Have fun 
  • Use cheats only when you find bag and then write in comments
  • You can only with bags or cheats get more than 30 points and you didn’t win 
  • Please don’t play multiplay games one or can commands lags
  • Don’t write in comments “broken english” we know

Christmas edition                                                                                                                            

Here is new 1.3.5 christmas update part 1. Part 2 December 12-14 now look what is new

New christmas lobby. Idea by MrDavid. He is new idea creator.

New settings (replace languages button) Here is language changing: English, Russian, Deutsch and write in comments your language!!! Who know we can add it!!!

New Commands view button.

New variant of Mining Modes choosing!!!

New cave location for Zombiemine and Multimine “Ice Cave”

Here is snowmen, Presents and etc.

Epic Survival House

Epic survival mansion all build in survival mode. Large rooms, huge crop barn, and mob proof under water rooms. This world is an easy world to gain achievements and perfect to start growing your village.

This world I created was so much fun. I created this as to test my survival strattiges and I think the outcome could’nt be more perfect world for realms or solo. This map has tons to chests and ores to help you get started. Right before I downloaded this world a creeper blow up a door on the east side of the mansion but its nothing major so I do apploize for that. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy !

Spectator Mode Function Pack

Pack Features:

The function pack’s spectator mode grants you the following abilities:

  • 1.Night Vision: So you can see everything clearly while spectating.
    2.Regeneration: So you won’t get hurt while spectating.
    3.Invisibility: Nobody will see you and they will do their own work.
    4.Weakness: Prevents you from hurting others and mobs.
    5.Water Breathing: Allows you to see everything happening in water.
    6.Mining Fatigue: Prevents you from breaking blocks.
    7. Fire Resistance: Prevents you from burning while spectating.

The function pack also allows the player to fly in survival or adventure mode thanks to the education edition toggle.

The function pack also has on and off toggles to you can jump in and out of spectator mode!

How to use the pack?


To switch to spectator mode in your world:
  • 1. Switch to Survival Mode
    2. Open the chat and use the following command without the quotes:
        “/function spc_on

To switch back to the default gamemode in your world:
1. Go and land on the ground in spectator mode.
2. Open the chat and use the following command without the quotes:
    “/function spc_off“


To switch back to the default gamemode in your world:
1. Go and land on the ground in spectator mode.
2. Open the chat and use the following command without the quotes:
    “/function spc_off“

Minecraft Reborn Addon

Minecraft Reborn addon slightly changes the balance in Minecraft on Android. In addition, the game will appear new blocks, recipes, potions, items and more, stuff, stuff! Sounds cool, huh? So, the Minecraft Reborn addon is just that. And many players managed to evaluate it at Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

This addon does not stop developing in MCBE. The author constantly changes or adds something – textures, blocks, objects … In addition, this modification in MCPE is distinguished by excellent tuning and optimization. The game will definitely lose nothing, but on the contrary, it will gain a new one. It remains only to download and throw it in Minecraft BE!


yFarm Craft Addon

There are different types of players. There are mine-carters who love adventure and constant trekking in the caves, and the rest prefer to create homes and decorate the territory. But both will love the yFarm Craft addon!

Thanks to this addition, the player will have the opportunity to breed improved and new mobs in the game. In the game there will be ducks, partridges and other animals. And the standard inhabitants will gain a more elaborate appearance. But the author did not stop there and added new blocks and other items to the game.

Addon Features:
Fashion will add new animals:
Guinea fowl
As we have already noted, standard animals will also take on a new look!
The addon will add new blocks that will be useful to the player:
-Nest: spawn next to the hens.
-Scarecrows: needed in order to drive away new mobs from crops.
-Nest Boxes: there hens will lay eggs faster.
-Wheat trough: mobs are eaten from it.
-Apple Baskets: a beautiful decoration. There are apples.


Therealechonox’s Puzzle Map No. 2

So a while ago I made a puzzle map. Now I made another one. You should play the other onefirst. I think I got a story or something going.

Ok, so in this map you are back in the same old building except it is broken down. Once again, solve puzzles to escape. Also, watch out for Frequent. I made this one easier because y’all was saying that my other one was too confusing lol. The ending will probably be buggy, oh well. I hope you guys like it.

Fantasy Islands (Theme Park) [Creation] [Roller Coaster]

Fantasy Islands is a made up theme park with over 50 rides & attractions for you to enjoy!

Kahiti Point Waterpark is now open! Watch the trailer further down for more information!

Fantasy Islands is a medium sized theme park with several fun areas worth exploring. Each area is themed around a different topic and they include Roald Dahl, The Lord of the Rings, Castle, Pirates, Tropical  and Horror. It’s really a great mix of everything compressed in one theme park. Some other cool things checking out are the daily fireworks shows, a hotel with lots of themed rooms and five restaurants.