LandMark Kit PVP

Welcome to the LandMark Experience

LandMark is a dedicated realm that specializes in creating world maps and mini games such as Prisons, Factions, Kit/Pot PVP, Bedwars, And many more! And today I present to you.LandMark Kit PVP 

Kit PVP specializes mainly in PVP (Player vs Player). All players automatically get a pre-set kit to fight against each other, earning kills and/or reputation. LandMark Kit PVP delivers just that! This world is a fun, yet competitive gameplay experience. Considered to be one of the best Kit PVP worlds ever created based on fan reviews!  

All rights reserved to the Backmasking33 as I am the owner and creator of landmark and all landmark maps, do not redistribute or claim as your own, appropriate actions will be effective if rights are violated! 

You Will Spawn In A No PVP Area Where You Will Automatically Get Your Kit, (Note All Players Will Get Kit Automatically), There are three options to choose from, you will have 1v1, spectate, and Kit, Select any of which applies to your needs, There is an open area where you can jump down into an arena that is the PVP zone!, the goal is to accumulate kills as the kills are kept track by a Kill Counter go back to spawn you have to die, so stay in the arena as long as you can and gather those kills!


  • Auto Kit System
  • One vs One System
  • Spectator Mode
  • Kill Counter System
  • Kill Streak System
  • Level System
  • Player Counter

Dragon Mounts Addon(Mod)

As you understand, the new Dragon Mounts  addon will add dragons to your game. But they will not appear so simply. First you will need a crafting egg. Then you will connect it to some block on the MCPE mainland. what a block and a dragon. With the same blocks you will then feed those little creatures that will hatch from the eggs.

Papa Smurfs Draco Elytra Wings

This texture pack has 8 different color variants of elytra wings. These appear as a double wing texture which looks really awesome while flying. I’ve included separate links to each one.

IMPORTANT: These wings will only work with custom skins that do not have a cape. If you include a cape in your skin Minecraft will automatically overwrite it with the cape textured wings. 

Lime Draco Wings

PiffleKnob’s Galendor Texture Pack [32X32]

This is the custom texture pack for the adventure map: Welcome To Galendor. It is heavily influenced by classics like John Smith and Conquest, but it is all my own take. This is still a work in progress that I intend to keep updating. It sits somewhere between 85-90 % complete.

This is the custom texture pack for the adventure map: Welcome To Galendor. This is still a work in progress that I intend to keep updating. I have pulled out all of the textures from the Galendor map pack, which were not directly tied to altered behavior files. This means while most of the blocks and items are finished—most of the entities are not. No Dragons, Gorgons Sellswords nor Knights. I think people would rather have the skellies and cows when playing most maps  I will work to update all that is missing as time allows.

Paper Cut-Out Texture Pack

Standard graphics Minecraft few people are satisfied. Therefore, many are looking for a supplement from the side. Try the Paper Cut-Out textures for Minecraft Bedrock, which seem to simplify standard textures, but they also amaze with their details. All blocks fall under their influence, so there definitely will not be such a problem that the tree is not worked out, and the water is steep. The Paper Cut-Out texture pack makes everything cool. Every line is done, everything works. This is probably their trick, which makes them attractive to Minecraft Bedrock players. Try it and you!

H SHIELDS : MOBS 4.0.0 Resource Pack

TEAM H is back with another texture pack, which brings your favorite mob to your in-game shields! – Already 19  mobs included in the pack (with your choice). Enjoy it!

Do you remember the “H SHIELDS : BLOCKS” ? TEAM H is here again with another Pack which contains lots of Mob textures for your in-game Shields ! 

        How it looks in game /

                   -AVAILABLE MOBS-

•Creeper   •w Border

•Zombie   •w Border

•Skeleton  •w Border

•Pig           •w Border

•Turtle     •w  Border

•Villager  •w Border

•Chicken  •w Border

•Sheep    •w Border

•Llama     •w Border


•Shulker ( still work in progress, please dont hate ! )

•Wolf ( Still work in Progress , please dont hate ! )

•Wandering Trader  •w Border

•Drowned    • w Border

•illager         • w Border

•Fox               • w Border

•Snow Fox   • w Border

•Phantom    • w Border

•Iron Golem • w Border

how shields look like with borders and without /


1.first tap on the Pack , and then tap on the wrench button

2.Now you can easily switch between textures !

we will keep updating the Pack , new mobs will come soon , but you can comment your favorite mob to be added sooner ! Also , pls let us know if you have found any bugs , just by commenting it here.

Bow Auto-Aim (Add-On) [v1.11+]

Easily and conveniently shoot anyone with Bow Auto-Aim add-on. Auto-Aim any mobs from 5-36 blocks of range. This add-on also features color coding of your target. Follow the color coding to enhance and precisely charge your bow to increase your chance of hitting your target!

created by: r4isen1920

pack version: v1.4

Auto-Aiming Usage

  • Trigger Auto-Aim: Sneak whilst charging your Bow. Once done, your camera movement will be adjusted automatically. While in this state, you can’t also be able to move. No animals were harmed! These are all players.. in a mascot.
  • Auto-Aim Range: The auto aim can anticipate targets of up to 36 blocks away, and as near as 5 blocks from your current position in-game. Creative visualization. These cows were released after, and lived!
  1. Green Target: 4-11 blocks. Near.
  2. Yellow Target: 12-19 blocks. Far.
  3. Red Target: 19-36 blocks. Very Far.

Bow Focus

  • Description: charge the bow for a long time to activate Bow Focus. This will allow you to deal damage on your next following hits momentarilly. Bow Focus needs to rechargecfor a few seconds after its usage.

Color Coding

  • Description: Color coding is a way to help you how far the entity is from your current position in-game. This also helps you to know how much you will need to charge your Bow to precisely hit your target.
  • Color Indicator: The indicators will be displayed once the Auto-Aim add-on anticipated its target. It is visible to your screen, just above your hotbar.

Castile The Quest Map

Map Castile The Quest is not in vain carries the genre of adventure in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. After all, you have to decide many fates, but perhaps the main one in Minecraft for Android is the fate of a huge kingdom. And at the same time, you are free to choose, just like in a good RPG.

Map Castile The Quest offers you a lot of quests in the MCBE. The whole world of MCPE on this map is pure fantasy. With its own style, and of course, textures pleasing to the eye. So all you have to do is get ready to conquer this kingdom on your phone with MCPE!

Miner Mod

After installing the Miner mod in Minecraft, a new type of villagers will appear – miners. True, miners will not live in villages. You can find new mobs in caves or mines. Miners work with three types of materials: gold, iron and diamonds. With mobs you can trade with emeralds and get rare items from the corresponding material in MCPE.

Trade with miners:
Miners are very strong, so do not touch the mobs. Each resident of the cave received 200 health and 10 damage.
Use spawn eggs to spawn mobs.

BiomePets Addon

All creatures that the BiomePets addon adds are well detailed and meticulously crafted in MCPE. They have unique models and well-chosen textures. You can meet them in any Minecraft BE biome. Creatures from this mod are neutral towards the player. But if you attack them in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, they will desperately defend themselves.

The Biome Pets addon will add some strange creatures to Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Fantastic, to be precise. They look a bit like Pokemon, if you look closely at them in the MCPE. All sorts of green-maned lions, horned bone cats and dragons from the lower world.