This add-on implements a new dragon to the Overworld. An Ender Dragon would be way too overkill, but the baby of an Ender Dragon is certainly more fair. The spawn rate is quite low as it will only spawn in caves, but other than that their spawn pattern is quite hard to predict which makes it a fun and dangerous challenge.

How does it work?

Baby Ender Dragons replace Bats and as a result that means you can find them spawning mostly in caves. There are two different versions of the same dragon. The Stage 1 version is neutral toward players and the Stage 2 version is hostile and has more health than the first one.

  • Stage 1
    • Health: 100
    • Neutral to players
    • Shoots Dragon Fireballs
    • Smaller than Stage 2 Baby Dragon
    • Drops 2-4 Ender Pearls and 0-2 Diamonds
  • Stage 2
    • Health: 120
    • Hostile to players, Villagers and Endermites
    • Shoots Dragon Fireballs
    • Bigger than Stage 1 Baby Dragon
    • Drops 2-4 Ender Pearls and 0-2 Diamonds

The main attack of the dragon is to shoot Ender Fireballs. If you’re hit by one you will immediately lose some health, and if one hits the ground then it will linger for some seconds and cause damage to all mobs within a close proximity.

Stage 2 dragons are hostile towards players, Villagers and Endermites.


1. Babyenderdragons