Become your Favorite Superhero that you know and love today in minecraft. It’s so good you won’t see this anywhere else. You can become 5 SUPERHEROS, Ironman (Mark82) Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Black widow. 

Here Is the Crafting recipes for all of them weapons. 

Sneak to get A resistance, And sprint to take of the shield.

Right click to activate and put on your left hand/Hold on phone.

Effects are jump boost and strength. Sneak to deactivate Black widows staff.

Effects Strength and resistance, Sneak to deactivate Storm Breaker.

After equipping the Arc Reactor Sprint to activate the suit.

Next you have a option to suit down or Helmet off.

Last you can become Hulk. But for him you need to type in a tag.

Your Name, that is my name of course.


1. Avengersendgame 1601761997