Bagify – Texture Pack

ID: 19237

Introducing Bags for Powders. Its a bit weird carrying dust around so you know… you should try out this pack. ALL dusts and powders have been transferred into bags! Sugar is now A “Bag ofSugar” and Bone meal is “Fertilizer” and so on.

Hey everyone!

Its Spark


Get in the bag!

Have a look below

There are 3 variants available

• Vanilla style bags

• Vanilla bags v2

• Derpy edition 

1. Vanilla bags

are styled with the original dust icons on the front. Nice and simple 

2. Vanilla bags V2

V2 have  a more elegant cleaner design, my personal favorite.

3. Derp Edition

These bags have little faces along quirky names just for fun. Once you see it you can’t unsee it 

The 3 versions


1. Bagifyvanilla