Welcome To Boost, A Skyblock Oneblock Type Map.

This Map Is Different Then Other Maps. You spawn on a tree an infinite grass block under the tree for dirt a barrel for water and lava. small islands with infinite lava and water stored inside. and the Station Telleporter.

You spawn on a tree

“Okay Thats Just Like Skyfactory!”, Sorta… The Block Under This Tree Regenerates Infinitely And Theres A Hidden Barrel Inside The Tree For Lava and Water.

“Oh Cool! Anything Else?” , Yes indeed. There is a Telleporter Near The Infinite Lava Generator Just Bridge To It Your Also Gonna Need LOTS of Cobblestone with you Grab Cobblestone And Smooth Stone in the Custom Crafter For Compressed Cobblestone Then Go Away From The Cat And Go Near The Crying Obsidian. Place The Compressed Cobblestone On The Obsidian it will break and Turn into something Else like Coal, Gold, Iron, Gravel, and Blackstone. If you want Diamonds Real Fast Get Tons of Coal Blocks And Place them on The Crying Obsidian and you got a chance to get diamonds. If your REALY lucky you could get 18 coal and thats worth 2 coal blocks!


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