Complex MLG Map

ID: 22078

If you want to develop your survival skills in the Minecraft game to the maximum and get new skills that will come in handy when passing through then download the Difficult MLG map. This is a very difficult and interesting map, where your task will be to jump from a great height onto a block and land using ladders and buckets of water so as not to take damage. All players know that if you fall from a great height, the character will receive damage, but thanks to game mechanics, this can be avoided, for example, by installing ladders or a block of water in time.

In words, it seems that everything is very simple, but people have been learning this for a long time and far from everything they can master these complex techniques. Here it is not enough just to install a ladder or a block with water, you must accurately calculate the trajectory so that you do not land on the block itself, but a little assembly and install the ladder in time. In the case of using a bucket of water, the opposite is true, you need to calculate everything so as to fall as close to the center of the block as possible.

If you do not quite understand what you need to do on this map, then be sure to watch the video from the author who perfectly mastered this technique and can fall from any height without taking damage and without using mods and enchantments.


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