If you want to build a beautiful and modern house, then you just need the furniture that this mod will add in the Minecraft game, thanks to it you will have more than 100 types of furniture. This modification will allow you to equip any home, and due to the fact that there is a huge amount of different furniture and equipment in fashion, each one can be used new. This add-on has a huge amount of furniture and equipment that you can interact with.

Living room

  • Armchair (and its color variations)
  • Curtain (and its color variations)
  • TV stand
  • TV (Functional, uses the “Control” item to work with the TV)
  • Sofa (and its color variations)


  • Bathroom mirror
  • Shower
  • Bathroom sink
  • Toilet
  • Toilet paper
  • Bath


  • Dining table (has a connection system)
  • Bar stool (you can sit down)
  • Chairs (and color variations, can you sit down)
  • Kitchen cabinet (Functional)
  • Microwave (Functional)
  • Coffee machine (Functional)
  • Kitchen hob (Functional)
  • Cookware (Functional)
  • Refrigerator (Functional)
  • Pan
  • Kitchen sink
  • Kitchen stand
  • Stove (Functional)
  • Trash bin in the kitchen


  • Monitor (Running)
  • Column JBL (Work)
  • Gaming computer
  • Gaming chair (you can sit down)
  • PS5 (Interactive)
  • PS2
  • Xbox X series
  • Xbox classic
  • Notebook
  • Phone support (there is interaction, use “LOLPhone” to interact with this unit)

In addition to furniture in this mod, there are also new merchants who will be happy to sell you any product for dollars that you have to craft. You can find the recipe for crafting money below, all merchants out of fashion accept them. At the moment, there are 5 merchants in the modification.

This modification is quite extensive, so we strongly recommend that you watch the video from the author before using it.


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