JourneyCraft / Morecraft Mod

ID: 22093

JourneyCraft / Morecraft is a Minecraft mod for Android that brings global changes to the game. You can see some of the innovations that were borrowed from “Terraria”. The total number of innovations is 60+ items, among which there are weapons, materials and tools, as well as several new bosses for battles. First of all, new ores are interesting, from which it will be possible to create all other items.

Ingots and valuable resources
It is from them that all new objects, tools and much more will be created.

Essence of the shadow. Defeat the Queen boss and get a new resource.

Demonite. To create, you need to take one essence of shadow and a gold ingot.

Demonite Ingot. Demonite Ingot is created by smelting Demonite.

Crimson essence. To get it, you need to defeat the Crimson Spirit.

Crimean ore. Add 1 gold ingot to craft to obtain.

Ingot of Crimson Essence. Smelt Crimean ore.

Molten waste. Crafting consists of 2 obsidian blocks, 1 diamond and 2 iron ingots.

An ingot of molten waste. Remelt the previous block.

Consecrated Ingot. If you defeat the Iron Skeleton, you can get this ingot.

Chaos stone. Drops when the Ice Boss is defeated.

Broken Hero Shard. The Golem Guardian drops an item on death.

Shard of inferno. The Inferno Sentinel allows you to obtain this valuable resource.

Holy tablet. The last and most powerful boss “Cultist” drops this item.

Iron dagger. Damage – 4 units. High speed of blows.

Diamond dagger. Damage – 5 units. High speed of blows.

Bloody dagger. 10 units of damage, regeneration, double speed.

Wooden blade. 3 damage units. Improved jump.

Iron blade. 4 damage units. Improved jump and increased speed.

Diamond blade. 6 damage units. Improved jump and increased speed.

Wooden braid. 5 damage, slowness.

Stone spit. 6 damage, double slowness.

Iron scythe. 7 damage, double slowness.

Diamond braid. 8 damage, double slowness.

Cactus sword. 6 damage units.

Bone sword. 6 damage units.

Bane’s sword. 15 damage.

Bloody sword. 17 damage units + regeneration.

Fire sword. 26 damage + fire resistance.

Night sword. 35 damage + double jump, night vision, damage resistance and speed.

Simple Excalibur. 42 points of damage + regeneration, resistance and double speed.

Chaos sword. 50 damage + double health, double jump, damage resistance and triple speed.

Excalibur. 57 damage, fire resistance, double health, regeneration and triple speed.

Night edge. 63 damage, 4x improved jump, night vision, damage resistance, slow.

Inferno Blade. 69 damage, invisibility, fire resistance, damage resistance, increased speed.

Terra sword. 200 damage + almost all buffs.

Sword of the “Bloody Slime King”. 14 damage + double speed, fall slowdown.

Jungle Blade. 21 damage, regeneration and slowness.

Ice dagger. 53 damage, increased health, invisibility, increased jump, slow fall.

War hammer. 85 units, strong resistance to damage, slowness 3, strength 4.

Slime King. A huge slug. 150 units of health. Spawns in lowland biomes.

The spider queen. A huge multi-colored spider that appears in the savannah. 200 units of health.

Big bee. Drops valuable items. Spawns in the jungle with 250 health points.

Red Enderman. Fast teleportation, 150 health units, spawn in the desert.

Mechanical skeleton. 400 health, spawn in the desert, inflicts the “Poison” effect.

Frosty robber. Spawns in ice biomes with 1000 health.

Guardian of the golems. Infernal boss with 1200 health points.

Inferno boss. 1500 health, ocean spawn.

Lost golem. Spawns in the mushroom biome and Hell. 2000 health. The most powerful boss in the game.


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