Cursed Texture Pack (1.16+) [Disguised & Non Disguised Pack!]

ID: 20983

This is a cursed texture pack. Every item has been swapped! This texture pack is built for both survival and PVP servers.I would also recommend playing this with friends! Have fun with the pack and explore it!

I will link 2 seperate links for the disguised pack and the non disguised pack.

The disguised pack has a fake description and a fake title. 

The intention of it being disguised is if you want to troll your friends, enjoy!

This is a picture of the cursed overworld.

Many things have been changed as well, saplings have been swapped, chest have been textured as crafting tables and much more! The overworld is where most of the things were changed. Also, cooked food has been swapped to raw food.

Ores have all been changed to random blocks

grass turned to netherrack

dirt turned to a diamond block

sand turned to slime

wood turned to nether quartz

stone turned to endstone

iron ore turned to magma blocks

diamond ore turned to black wool

coal ore turned to emerald ore

emerald ore turned to purpur block

redstone ore turned to hardened clay (silver)

plant growth for wheat stages reversed

things that emit light have been changed to



This is a picture of the cursed ocean biome.

sea grass changed to sea pickles

diorite changed to granite

granite changed to diorite

This is a picture of the cursed elytra.

Here are 2 pictures of cursed food items.

 This is a picture of the cursed nether realm.

Netherrack changed to grey grass

lava changed to water.

magma changed to diamond ore.

glowstone changed to gold ore.

nether quartz switched with oak planks

This is a picture of the cursed nether fortress.

All blocks in the fortress changed to the watermelon texture.

This is a picture of cursed armor and a cursed bow.

the cursed bow has 3 stages, showing the book first, then the atlas book,  and lastly a book bow.

the appearance of all the armor is changed while the item handheld texture is not changed.

Only the diamond helmet and the chain set handheld texture was changed.

Pictures of how the disguised and non disguised packs look like.


(Non Disguised)


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