Are you tired of the boring normal worlds? If so this map offers you a nice island to start on! This world is a custom terrain world which you can play both in survival and as well as in creative! This map uses custom trees!

As you can see the trees are huge and they can you the ability to build a treehouse and the ability to get A LOT of wood. Right next to it is a little beach, that you can use for any real use.

Right through the middle of the island is a small little river that gives you passage through the middle of the island.

Right next to the island is a mushroom island that gives you an easier way to get food.

Also, there is a swamp biome, so that you are able to farm slime close to spawn.

This world is both playable in survival and in creative. Since this custom terrain is not infinite, you can still find an end portal and other generated structures outside the island. I suggest looking outside the island to defeat the ender dragon.


There is an ocean monument right next to the island and it cuts off a small piece of the island, but that should be the only problem 🙂


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