CyanSpawn is a Minecraft mod for Android, which is a remake of the famous OreSpawn mod. The idea of ​​the mod is that the game is replenished with a large number of new ores, mobs, and also swords. The most interesting are the weapons, as they do lethal damage. Over 10+ new swords have been added. Added ores can be found in a normal mine and mined with a diamond or netherite pickaxe. The mod is still under development, so more features will be added soon.

What have you added?
1. Mobs
– Prince

– Princess

– Robocop. Uses laser bombs to attack, inflicting high damage.

– Stranger. Attacks in melee, has great health.

– Big beetle. A really scary mob that immediately attacks the player.

– Water dragon. Uses water balls to attack.

– Dragonfly. A neutral mob that can fly around horses.

– Gold fish. Decorative mob for aquatic biomes.

2. Weapons
– Ruby. 20 damage units.

– Amethyst. 15 damage units.

– Emerald. 10 damage units.

– Tourmaline. 11 damage units.

– Final. 40 damage units.

– Nightmare. 20 damage units.

– Tiger. 12 damage units.

– Kyanitsky. 9 damage units.

– Crystal 15 damage.

– Combat sword. 20 damage units.

3. Giant Swords
– There are two huge swords in the game, each with a large texture. In addition to texture, you can deal from 500 to 1000 damage to enemies.


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