Mod Monstrous Sword!

ID: 22048

MonsterSword! – a mod for Minecraft on Android that adds two new swords to the game. Interestingly, these swords can be created using a drop from two mobs – a zombie and a creeper. The sword is quite rare, since the drop of items needed to create is rare and is only 1 percent. There is also a third sword that can be crafted with the Eye of Ender and obsidian. Sword damage is 12 for the zombie sword, 6 for the creeper sword, and 24 damage for the ender sword.

How to craft swords?
1. Creepers and zombies will now drop a new item on death, which is the basis of the sword. You need to accumulate a certain number of units of loot – 36.
2. Then you can create a sword in the workbench.

Interesting facts:
1. Ender sword can only be crafted. To do this, you need standard items from the game.

2. Up to 2 units of creeper parts and zombie parts can be dropped, depending on the killed mob.


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