ID: 24912

This pack transforms your Minecraft world into a 2D experience and offers a customized camera angle. But the best part is that it’s an addon, which means you can use it with any seed and alongside other addons! However, there are a couple of quick warnings: aiming at specific blocks can be confusing, and having a large volume of liquids may cause lag. (Please note that in the current version, accessing the end may not be possible, but the issue is being addressed.)

Take a look at these screenshots to get a preview of what the pack has to offer. (I’m using the Bare Bones texture pack.)


This pack introduces a completely new way to play Minecraft by turning your world into a 2D environment. So, if you’re up for this unique gaming experience, give it a try!



This was the main reason why I created this pack in the first place.

To ensure a safe experience, it’s recommended to enable all the experimental toggles, including the experimental cameras toggle.




Please refrain from using any code from this pack without obtaining my permission. If you plan to use this pack for any public purposes, kindly give me credit and provide a link to this post. Thank you!

I have updated the pack name to something I hope is unique enough for MCPEDL.

Minecraft versions: 1.20.12, 1.20.10, 1.20.1