Mut’s Buff Wanderer Trader

ID: 24799


In the shop menu, there are a total of 8 slots. Two slots are designated for selling items, five slots for selling random items, and one slot for rare items.

As you can observe, the Wanderer Trader (WT) doesn’t only sell iron axes, but also various other iron tools. Additionally, one of the rare items available is a potion.

WT offers a wide variety of weapons, tools, and armor. The Diamond Sword is considered one of the best rare items that WT has for sale. It’s the only diamond item available from him. Moreover, WT requires blaze rods to craft certain potions.

Usually, you can only purchase rare items from WT once.

If the developers have nerfed Librarians, it would make sense to have WT sell enchanted books as rare items as well. :/


That’s all for today. I sincerely hope that WT receives more significant buffs in the future to make him even more useful. He should be a valuable asset in the game.


I’m not satisfied with the current buff given to the Wanderer Trader (WT), so I have created this mod to demonstrate the changes that should have been made. This is my very first Minecraft mod. The mod allows the Wanderer Trader to sell more useful items and also enables players to sell resources to him. Of course, the mod is designed to maintain a balanced gameplay experience and avoid any overpowered elements.

  • Delete the “.zip” extension from the file name and open it with Minecraft (I personally use RAR)!

Minecraft versions: 1.20.10


1. Mut025 buff wanderer trader

2. Mut025 buff wanderer trader