This addon has been created to improve server moderation by providing an advanced reporting system. It allows players to report others, while administrators can efficiently handle these reports.


How to Use:

To install the addon, please refer to the installation instructions section.


To become an administrator, you need to use the command /tag @s add admin. You can also assign this tag to other administrators by using the command /tag “name” add admin

To access the menu, simply type .view in the chat. This will open the Reports menu, where you can view the list of reported players, their associated reports, and the option to remove reports.


If you wish to report a player, use the command .report <name> <reason>. Please ensure that you provide all the required information in order for the report to be submitted successfully.


Elevate your Minecraft Bedrock experience with this addon. Report players using commands and access the administrator menu to review reported players. Effortlessly streamline your server management with the help of this addon.

To install this addon, simply download the .mcpack file and open it in Minecraft. When creating a new world, make sure to enable the experimental Beta API function for the addon to function properly.


Minecraft versions: 1.20.10


1. Report systembp


2. Report systembp-1