This is a step by step tutorial on how to create the latest and most exciting items in the world of Minecraft and discover valuable ores.

Step 1

How to find the ores (ore marked in yellow needs to be smelted)

Mining (in the overworld, around diamond level): find ores such as uranium, titanium, amazonite, alexandrite, amber, amethyst, ametrine, aquamarine, tourmaline, citrine, chrysolite, fluorite, garnet, indigolite, iolite, jade, jasper, kunzite, malachite, opal, peridot, prism, ruby, sapphire, sardonyx, spinel, sugilite, tanzanite, topaz, onyx, chloronium, rose quartz, turquoise, iridium, fluorite, rutile, amolite, azurite, smoky quartz, peacock ore, peacock topaz, tanzanite (rare version), vesuvianite, (rare) sapphire, (rare) citrine, (rare) amethyst, medusa quartz, raspberry diamond, (dark blue) sapphire, sunset jasper (only in snowy/ice biomes), olivine, hackmantite, goshenite, pitambari neelam, cinnabar, black opal, labradorite, grandidierite, 12 types of zircon, matizium, cyan emerald, stibnite, sonoranite (only in jungles), chalcanthite, hercynite, Australian sapphire, matrix opal (only in ice/snow biomes), iris agate, palintinium, yellow onyx (only in jungles), tin, bronze, silver, nickel, zinc, lead, tungsten, aluminium, chrome, magnesium, silicium, americium, lithium, bismuth, platinum, thorium, indium, scandium, vanadium, manganese, yttrium, zirconium, niobium, molybdenum, cadmium, holmium, ruthenium, rhodium, and technetium.

Exploring the End dimension: discover enderium, rhodonite, maradonyx, moonstone, obsidian nuggets, serpentine, larimar, white diamond, purple diamond, cyber crystal, Xernium, neon meteorite scraps, cobalt, pearl, and potassium.

Exploring the Nether dimension: find fire opal (in nether waste and crimson forest), catseye (in warped forest), green catseye (in warped forest), pyrite (in nether wastes), sulfur (in nether wastes), ghoul quartz (in soul sand valley), blood quartz (in soul sand valley), sunstone (in nether wastes and netherwart forest), blood stone (in nether wastes and netherwart forest), Yurium (in nether wastes and netherwart forest), palladium (in nether wastes), humoranium (in soul sand valley), anti-humoranium (in soul sand valley), bixbite, red diamond (in nether wastes), orange diamond (in crimson forest and nether wastes), pink diamond, pelenium (in nether wastes), meteorite scraps (in nether wastes and soul sand valley), seaborgium (in nether wastes), and soul quartz (in soul sand valley).

Crafting: create dragon scales, obsidian nuggets, Simonium, ikegamium, Ikegamonium, ikegamini, simoganium, blackstone, whitestone, snowflake obsidian, plutonium, meteorite ingot, hydrated potassium (items, armor, tools, and blocks), neon meteorite ingot, unoptanium, and nether gold.

Smelting: smelt iron to obtain steel.

Continually smelt zircon to achieve the desired color.

Smelt cinnabar to obtain quicksilver

Fusing: gemstones can be fused together in a brewing stand. Remember to place only one gem in each slot of the bottom row, otherwise, it will not work!

Fusing recipes (not all of them are based on real life):

citrine + amethyst = ametrine

amethyst + citrine = ametrine

uranium + adamantite = plutonium

adamantite + uranium = plutonium

titanium + mythril = unoptanium

mythril + titanium = unoptanium

sapphire + ruby = azurite

ruby + sapphire = azurite

spinel + amethyst = fluorite

amethyst + spinel = fluorite

kunzite + amazonite = alexandrite

amazonite + kunzite = alexandrite

peridot + jade = malachite

jade + peridot = malachite

turquoise + fluorite = fluorite

flourite + turquoise = fluorite

sapphire + kunzite = peacock ore

kunzite + sapphire = peacock ore

tanzanite + peridot = rare tanzanite

peridot + tanzanite = rare tanzanite

wither rose + steel = withered steel

ruby + emerald = sunset jasper

emerald + ruby = sunset jasper

catseye + uranium = adamantite

soul quartz + titanium = mythril

coal + iron ingot = steel

charcoal + iron ingot = steel

amethyst + emerald = vesuvianite

emerald + amethyst = vesuvianite

citrine + sapphire = rare sapphire

sapphire + citrine = rare sapphire

redstone + green catseye = red catseye

amethyst + green catseye = purple catseye

aquamarine + green catseye = blue catseye

amber + green catseye = orange catseye

citrine + green catseye = yellow catseye

end crystal + amethyst shard = crystal

citrine + diamond = yellow diamond

diamond + citrine = yellow diamond

goshenite + ender pearl = white pearl

spinel + ender pearl = pink pearl

citrine + ender pearl = yellow pearl

soul quartz + ender pearl = blue pearl

emerald + diamond = green diamond

Gilded Blackstone + coal = grindstone

Zinc + copper = brass

Copper + zinc = brass

Smoky quartz + diamond = brown diamond

Green diamond + Yellow diamond = olive diamond

Yellow diamond + Green diamond = olive diamond

Wither rose + cyber crystal = corrupted cyber crystal

Wither rose + diamond = shadow diamond

Copper + Gold = Rose Gold

Gold + Copper = Rose Gold

Tanzanite + Diamond = Dark Blue Diamond

Diamond + Tanzanite = Dark Blue Diamond

Goshenite + Onyx = Zebra Jasper

Onyx + Goshenite = Zebra Jasper

Silver + Gold

When you combine Citrine and goshenite, you can create a rare citrine gemstone. The same result is achieved when you combine goshenite with citrine.

By combining copper and nickel, you will get cupronickel. The reverse combination, nickel and copper, also results in cupronickel.

When you mix onyx with green catseye, it transforms into a black catseye. The same transformation occurs when you combine green catseye with onyx.

If you combine smoky quartz with green catseye, it turns into a brown catseye. The reverse combination, green catseye with smoky quartz, also results in a brown catseye.

When diamond and garnet are mixed together, they create a dark red diamond. The combination of garnet and diamond also produces a dark red diamond.

When you combine spinel with a green rare catseye, it transforms into a pink catseye. Similarly, a green rare catseye combined with spinel results in a pink catseye.

Goshenite and a green rare catseye can be combined to create a white catseye. The reverse combination, a green rare catseye with goshenite, also produces a white catseye.

Mixing dark blue sapphire with a solar diamond will result in a star sapphire. On the other hand, combining onyx with a star sapphire creates a black star sapphire.

A pink ruby combined with a solar diamond transforms into a star ruby. Similarly, combining amethyst with a star sapphire results in a purple star sapphire.

When you mix spinel with a star sapphire, it turns into a pink star sapphire. Additionally, combining citrine with a star sapphire produces a yellow star sapphire. Mixing sardonyx with a star sapphire results in an orange star sapphire. Finally, combining peridot with a star sapphire creates a dark green star sapphire.

A cyan emerald combined with a star sapphire results in a cyan green star sapphire.

By mixing sulfur and iron, you can create pyrite. Similarly, combining uranium and thorium results in radium.

For tool fusion, which is similar to gem fusion but with tools, you can combine quartz with pyrite (sword/pickaxe/axe) to create a quartz infused pyrite tool. Furthermore, combining meteorite (ingot) with netherite (sword/pickaxe/axe/armor) results in meteorite. Neon meteorite (ingot) combined with meteorite (sword/pickaxe/axe/armor) creates neon meteorite. Finally, by combining matrix opal with an unoptanium pickaxe or supreme ultimate sword, you can obtain a matrix sword/pickaxe.

Here is how you obtain the ores:

Step 2: Weapons

You can craft a sword with any ore. However, crafting swords from emerald and lapis works differently:

When making a sword, axe, or pickaxe, you cannot use meteorite scrap, cyber crystal, corrupted cyber crystal, cobalt, all new pearls, obsidian nuggets, plutonium, or unoptanium. Similarly, you cannot use meteorite scrap, plutonium, unoptanium, obsidian nuggets, chloronium, cyber crystal, corrupted cyber crystal, cobalt, all new diamonds, all new pearls, or any catseye except for normal catseye to make an axe. Regular sticks are replaced by obsidian sticks in these recipes.

To make obsidian sticks, place obsidian nuggets in a vertical line from the bottom left to the upper right of the crafting table.

For ores found in the Nether, you need blaze rods to craft swords or axes. However, this does not apply to green catseye, meteorite, red diamond, orange diamond, and pink diamond.

To obtain Galaxy’s Edge swords (Lightsabers), use different gems to get different colors. Instead of peridot, you can use a ruby, sardonyx, citrine, peridot, sapphire, tanzanite, amethyst shard, iolite, onyx, goshenite, kunzite, chrysolite, cyber crystal, rose quartz, smoky quartz, garnet, hackmantite, coal, tourmaline, topaz, quicksilver, prism, spinel, indigolite, bixbite, diamond, or jade. Using a corrupted cyber crystal instead of a normal one will give the Galaxy’s Edge sword a shadow core and increase its damage.

Here are some extra powerful swords:

The uranium and titanium sword can be crafted by placing uranium at the top, titanium in the middle, and an iron stick at the bottom.

By combining catseye and uranium, you can obtain adamantite. Similarly, combining soul quartz with titanium results in mythril. With adamantite and mythril, you can craft the adamantite and mythril blade by placing mythril at the top, adamantite in the middle, and an iron stick at the bottom.

Here is the crafting tree for the strongest sword:

Step 3: Armor

Not all ores can be used to make armor. The following ores cannot be used: obsidian shard, plutonium, unoptanium, all pearls, all dusts, aluminium, fire opal, soul quartz, all catseye/tigerseye variants, quicksilver, ghoul quartz, blood quartz, cinnabar, corrupted cyber crystal, grandidierite, (neon) meteorite scrap, solar diamond, eclipse diamond, sulfur, all star sapphires, star ruby, chalcanthite, stibnite, all zircons, matrix opal, hercynite, radium, and seaborgium.

Armor can be crafted using the regular Minecraft recipe.

Making Blocks:

Making blocks in Minecraft is straightforward. Simply place 9 of the desired item in a crafting table to create a block. However, some ores do not have block variants, especially those that come in various colors or are extremely rare.

If you are still unsure about how to craft something or if you forget, you can always refer to the recipe book for assistance.

In addition to the aforementioned information, this addon also introduces some new features. These include new trees that grow in the End, as well as over 200 new ores to discover. Some of the ores available include bronze, silver, platinum, enderium, moonstone, cobalt, pearl, mythril, adamantite, crystal, plutonium, and unoptanium. Each ore also provides the opportunity to craft weapons and, in some cases, armor.

Disclaimer: Please note that some minerals featured in this mod are potentially hazardous in real life. It is important not to attempt to obtain these minerals in real life. They are solely intended for entertainment purposes within the Crystalcraft Unlimited mod.

For installation, please ensure that the “experiments” option is enabled when adding this pack to your world. However, it is advised not to use this addon in a world that is of great importance to you, unless you have created a backup.

⚫Please be aware that this addon may not run smoothly on low-end phones.

🔴Please do not distribute this addon on other sites without obtaining permission first.

⚠️Warning: It is highly recommended not to combine this addon with the BlockLauncher app, as it can potentially disrupt the normal functioning of Minecraft.

  1. Changelog: Added the Princess Twinklestar sword, which is the most powerful sword in the game. It is a combination of 9 mythical swords, inspired by Terraria’s Zenith. This idea was suggested by Fieldmarker on my Discord server.
  2. Added the crafting recipe for the Princess Twinklestar sword and the complete crafting tree as a picture in the description.

Minecraft versions: 1.20.0, 1.19


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2. Crystalcraft unlimited infinity adventure 1691184938858


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