Murder Mystery Mansion

ID: 24483

Special Acknowledgement: A big thank you goes to Dark97077 for their outstanding work on designing the entire 3rd Floor, as well as creating the Coca-Cola machine and Smoke Bombs. Dark97077 deserves all the credit for the amazing craftsmanship on the 3rd floor.

The mechanics of this map’s gameplay are inspired by Nethergames/Hypixel Murder Mystery. The sheriff is equipped with a bow and unlimited arrows to stop the killer. However, caution is necessary! If the sheriff mistakenly shoots an innocent player or if an innocent player shoots the sheriff, both players will die. 

All it takes is one hit to eliminate another player, whether it’s from an arrow or a sword strike. As is typical in most murder mystery maps, punching does not cause any damage. To eliminate someone, you will need a sword/egg (if you’re the killer) or a bow (if you’re innocent/sheriff). 

Gold randomly appears throughout the map and can be collected to obtain a bow and an arrow. Once you have a bow, you will receive an additional arrow every time you collect another 10 gold. The killer can also obtain a bow by collecting 10 gold, so relying on them having a bow would be unwise. At the end of each round, the total amount of gold collected is converted into coins, which can be used to purchase cosmetic items such as particle trails and different killer swords.

In addition to their sword, the killer also possesses an egg that can be thrown to eliminate other players. After throwing the egg, the killer must wait 15 seconds before receiving another one. The eggs do not fall due to gravity and will travel in a straight line until they collide with an object.

The sheriff starts each game with 1 arrow. After shooting it, there is a 7-second cooldown before they can get another arrow. Collecting 10 gold will also provide an arrow, but it interrupts the cooldown, meaning the sheriff will not receive another free arrow until all arrows are used up.

There are hidden passages scattered around the house that players can use to hide from or evade the killer. These passages are walls that can be walked through and have the appearance of oak planks.

Some notable features of this map include automatic game starting, a count of the remaining innocent players, security cameras, cosmetic items, and a debug room exclusively accessible to the owner in case any issues arise with the map (only the owner can enter).


The third floor can be opened or closed off before the game begins. To open it, a minimum of 7 players must be online. When the third floor is open, there are 2 killers instead of 1. When the third floor is closed, there is only 1 killer.


First Floor




Second Floor



Third Floor


Different Camera Angles


Shop for Cosmetics:
Default killer: Iron sword
500 coins: Gold sword
1200 coins: Diamond sword
2000 coins: Netherite sword

Various particle effects for different prices


This Murder Mystery map takes place in an elegant mansion, featuring three floors and numerous hiding spots. The objective is straightforward: the killer aims to eliminate everyone, the sheriff seeks to apprehend the killer, and the innocents strive to stay alive for as long as possible. Alternatively, they can collect 10 gold to obtain a bow and attempt to stop the killer themselves. Which side will survive? Success hinges on skill and a touch of luck. This map is best suited for up to 24 players (use the “setmaxplayers” command).

Activate Holiday Creator Features

-Modified Gold Spawners to remove gold after each game round

-Expanded the upper floor and resolved minor issues

-Rectified world download file

-Added additional secret passages

-Included even MORE secret passages (because you can never have too many)

-Introduced a Timer, Arrow Cooldown, Egg, and more secret passages (because there’s no such thing as too many)

-Incorporated Security Cameras and Cosmetics, as well as a few more secret passages (as mentioned above)

-Inserted a few extra details, including a debug room for the owner’s use

-Included the third floor and more cameras (along with additional secret passages)

-Added more cosmetics, along with a garden on the 3rd floor (and a secret passage leading to it)

-Updated Map and Resolved Gold Spawner issues

-Fixed Innocent Tracker and implemented minor changes to the map

Minecraft versions: 1.19.50, 1.19.40, 1.19.30, 1.19.20, 1.19.10, 1.19


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