This addon adds a large number of Objects to the Game. You can find from Tools, Swords, Food and More. And In addition to new spawn rules and new loots.

You can also find the new entity, the “Ender Trader” when exploring The End

This Addon has created by ZhackerHero

Art by BBones & Mr. Potato Dino


The Shulkers and Endermites now appear in the End naturally.


* Endermites -Ender Dust* Enderman / Ender Trader -Dimensional diamonds* Ender Dragon -Dragon’s head – Dragon egg – Dragon Membrane* Chests generated by the World -Loot normal – Broken Spawner – Distortion Blade* Witches -Magic Beans* Zombie, Skeleton, Enderman, Creeper -Similar chance of dropping your head than the Wither Skeleton.


+ The Magic Beans do not give saturation or fill the hunger, but it can be helpful because when consumed they will give Instant Health II.+ If you place the Dragon Egg in the Stonecutter, you will get 4 Distortion Essence that can be consumed (although it is not recommended), they will give you negative effects such as Nausea, Hunger, Weakness and Teleport you Randomly.

+ When cooking in the oven the Distortion Essence, you will get Dimensional Food, which will give you Healt Boost V, Regeneration II, Strength, Absorption.

Tools & Weapons

You can create Tools with Dimensional Diamonds and Sticks.Dimensional Sword + 10 Damage

Dimensional Pickaxe + 6 Damage

Dimensional Axe + 9 Damage

Dimensional Shovel + 7 Damage

You can create the Sword Distortion with the Distortion Blade, Distortion Hilt and an Obsidian Stick.

Sword Distortion + 35 DamageYou will receive Resistance II 3 Minutes

Other Items & Recipes

The Capturers serve to create a Spawn Egg of some Mob that dropping its Head. And you can duplicate it with a Heart of the Sea.

To obtain a Specific Capturer you must join a Blank Capturer with the head of a Mob.To recharge a specific Capturer you must surround it with the Mob scenery in question, there are 3 recharge levels, when the Capturer is complete just join it with a Chicken Egg and you will get a Spawn Egg.You can decompose the Sand and Soul Sand in Dust, if you cook in the oven the dust of Sand you will obtain Pieces of glass.

You can create a Monster Spawner

If you cook mobs heads in an oven, you can get their essence.

Can You craft Elytra Wings or Trade with Ender Trader

The Elytra can you craft with Wings

With the Ender Dust Dropping by Endermites can you crafts EnderGem with that can craft a block or Trade with EnderTrader

Other Item can you trade is the Arkan Amulet and have blocks


The Ender Trader is a Enderman passive what prefier trade with the player.


1. Ender-Shadows