Have you ever wondered what living as a zombie is like? WELL now I have the solution to your problem! This addon changes hostile mobs and makes it where you burn during the daylight.

Hostile Mobs will not attack you unless you attack them first.

They dont care about me at all.

During the day time you will start to burning to death unless you can find cover from the blazing sun.

You have a very long breathing time but you will not transfer into a drowned.

Villagers are now afraid of you and will run away.

List of mobs that wont attack you until you attack them
1 .Zombie
2 .Skeleton
3. Spider
4. Cave Spider
5. Slime
6. Blaze
7. Wither Skeleton
8. Creeper
9. Drowned
10. Endermite
11. Ghast
12. Ravager
13. Witch
13. Husk
14 Phantoms (They will not spawn as you are a zombie now)


1. Zombie-Player