I wanted to make shaders cause I got bored so I followed a tutorial and currently working on EndorCore shaders. They’re currently in beta and won’t be super fancy, but they’re meant to be good for low end devices.

Shaders work in 1.16.201 and higher and only for MCPE, Win10 support may be added in the future. They work on Android, but I’m not sure about iOS.

These Shaders add some subtle shadows and change the color a little. They’re useful for low-end devices or for people that want to keep the vanilla style.

There may be some issues involving the shadows. I’ll try my best to fix as many bugs as I can, but I’m not an expert.

Please let me know if there are some features you want added to the shaders.

Shaders Include:


Blocklight changes

And more….



How emissive blocks look. I felt that in most shaders, blue and white blocks looked weird, so I tried to make the color work well for both:

Sun reflection on water:

Nether(only a few biomes work):


Underwater light:



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