You’ve gotten yourself locked in prison, and you have only one thought on your mind: escape! Welcome to Escape The Prison, a new exciting escape map. You’ll have to solve puzzles, complete some parkour, conquer a maze and more in this escape map. Beginners be warned, you’ll need some decent Minecraft experience to complete this map. Do you have what it takes?

The prison you’ve found yourself locked in is large and quite detailed and large. There is a cell block, cafeteria, kitchen, outside area, library and a pool! The map, along with 25+ puzzles, includes a parkour section, a maze and a find the button. To solve the puzzles, you’ll need to be observant, and think outside the box. Also as stated before, you’ll need some intermediate experience playing Minecraft, as some of the puzzles are confusing and challenging. If needed, I can provide hints in the comments section of this page.


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