Escape The School 2: Herobrine

ID: 19847


You escaped the school, or did you? The staff soon found out about you escaping and called on old adversary Herobrine to track you down! You were imprisoned in the secret school prison in F block, and once again you must escape. It will not be so easy this time though, as Herobrine is doing anything he can to stop you!


This map is intended to be a horror map containing occasional Jumpscares and possible flashing lights / images. If you are likely to experience mental health problems, or you have a history of epilepsy or seizures, please consult a medical professional before playing.


  • Don’t change any world settings.
  • Avoid playing in multiplayer, although it should work in multiplayer.
  • Music: OFF, Sound FX: 100.
  • Use the resource and behaviour packs provided and don’t remove them or add external ones.
  • Don’t play on a device with less than 1GB available RAM. You will experience heavy lag and frame drops.
  • Brightness: 100.
  • FOV can be altered by gameplay: ON.


  • Built by The Sonic Master.
  • Tested by Death Foxy and white_tiger52.
  • Special thanks to Team Xamio for teleportation of Armour Stands and Time Speed Up.
  • Escape School 2 Resource Pack made by The Sonic Master.
  • Stock Resource Pack made by The Sonic Master.
  • Texture Update Pack is available free on Minecraft Marketplace.
  • Escape School 2 Behaviour Pack made by The Sonic Master.



1. Es2 herobrine