Do you have what it takes to Escape The School? This fun singleplayer map tests your Minecraft Skills and your ability to solve puzzles! Will you break free or become prisoners like all the other candidates who dared to challenge!


Not long ago you moved house from the big city of Mineland to the small rural village of Blocksville. You have just started your first day at the new school, but immediately realised something was not right.

Now you must escape but it will not be easy! Can you use your Minecraft Skills and puzzle-solving abilities to master each room, avoid the nasty surprises and ultimately escape? Well, we can only wish you good luck, you’ll definitely need it!


  • Do not change any world settings – they are configured this way for a reason!
  • Do not cheat.
  • Only use the resource packs provided with the map. Do not use custom packs or mods.
  • If you are recording for YouTube, Twitch etc, you must give credit to the map creator (The Sonic Master).


  • Built and programmed by The Sonic Master (gaming division of SupDroid Studio).
  • Tested by Death Foxy and white_tiger52.
  • Stock Resource Pack created by The Sonic Master.
  • Texture Update Pack is a marketplace pack available for free.


1. Escape school