The Story of a father who lost his daughter

In this game you are a father with a daughter named Sophie.

Your Daughter went to school but something wrong happen to your daughter.

And you are here to search for her.

You will become a detective in this game

  • You can run but you can’t hide
  • You can run forever but you can’t escape
  • Do not give him a chance to get you and kill you
  • Explore the building and solve the mystery

Expore the vent

Find two gears

Free yourself from evil

Find different type’s of keys to unlock different type’s of doors

Find the way out

This game is a little bit difficulty

You will need a lot of patience to finish this game

This map is based on my dreams

Not all scene’s is part of my dream I just added them to make the game more challenging

Estimated gameplay time: 15-30 mins or more


1. The-school-finding-sophie-v 1