A world of swords, magic, and blocks. Battle with one another, destroy their beds, and be the last man standing. Collect minerals and gems, trade them for blocks and weapons. Build a fortress and conquer others. Be the strongest in this world of fantasy.

This game requires 2-8 players to play.


All of you will start and pick an island of your own, each contains a different magic style.

When using a magic scroll, this will be what happens based on your magic attribute:

-Black (Darkness)

Blinds nearby enemies for a period of time

-White (Light)

Summons lightning bolt infront of you

-Red (Fire)

Summons a fireball

-Blue (Water)

Traps nearby players inside an obsidian egg filled with water

-Green (Wind)

Levitates you and gives slow falling effect

-Brown (Earth)

Summons evocation fangs around you

-Light Blue (Time)

Makes nearby enemies unable to move for a period of time


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