Fantasy Villagers Addon

ID: 21458


Villager Vanguard

a classic type of guard wielding a glaive, 

  • Health:45
  • Damage:10
  • Ability:Can Block Some Of Their Enemies’ attack
  • Guards Villages
  • Shield Durability: Average

Drops some emeralds and has a chance to drop a vanguard helmet

Villager Guardian

A Tank type of a villager wielding a guardian sword also part of the Elite Campaign

  • Health:40
  • Damage:10-12
  • Ability:Reducts 50% Of Their Damage Taken
  • Guards Villages

Drops an Iron Chesplate and has a chance to drop a guardian sword

Kamikizake Bommer

Its Like A Creeper But A Villager, 

  • Health:20
  • Ability:Explodes After Getting Near To Their Target
  • Can Patrol

Drops Nothing

Royal Guard

An Elite version of a villager vanguard that wields an elite claymore,

  • Health:55
  • Damage:9-11
  • Ability:Can Block Some Of Their Enemies’ attack
  • Guards Villages
  • Shield Durability:high

Drops some emeralds and has a chance to drop an elite claymore


An Elite type of an iron golem that wields a metalic armor and a metalic fist, 

  • Health:250
  • Damage:19-34
  • Ability:Can Knock Enemies While Attacking
  • Guards Villages

Drops nothing

Great Guardian

A damaged golem that seemed to be cursed by an ancient power, 

  • Health:150
  • Damage:21
  • Ability:Explodes After Dying
  • Guards Villages

Drops nothing

The Lord

The ruler of the villagers wielding the lengendary diamond sword, 

  • Health:160
  • Armored Health:240
  • Damage:15-17
  • Abilities: Sometimes Performs A Blast Damaging And Knocking Enemies, Sometimes do a critical attack dealing a stronger damage and can summon 4 royal guards
  • Guards Villages
  • Can Be Armored Using A Diamond Chestplate

Drops a diamond sword


A patrolling type of a villager wielding an iron sword, 

  • Health:35
  • Armored Health:45
  • Damage:7-8
  • Ability:Can do a shockwave attack dealing damage
  • Can patrol

Drops an iron sword

Teutonic Knight

An elite variant of a knight wielding an iron sword, 

  • Health:50
  • Damage:9-10
  • Ability:has a chance to knock enemies while attacking them
  • Can patrol
  • Has a horned variant

Drops an iron sword

Enchanted Librarian

Enchanter of the villagers, part of the elemental campaign, 

  • Health:40
  • Damage: 5-7
  • Ability:Buffs Nearby Guards
  • Guards Villages

Drops an enchanted tome


An artillery villager wielding a bow, 

  • Health:45
  • Damage:Arrow Damage
  • Ability: Can Dodge Some Of Their Enemies’ Attack And Sometimes Shoots Multiple Arrows
  • Guards Villages

Drops some emeralds and some arrows


Vanguard Helmet

Same as an iron helmet nut the design is different

Guardian Sword

Wielded by the villager guardian, deals 8 damage and can be used hire normal villagers into village guardians, you can hire villagers into villager guardians by following these steps

  • Make sure to use a guardian sword
  • Go near to a villager them press the button “villager guardian”
  • Wait them to turn into a villager guardian and done!

Elite Claymore

A sword wielded by the royal guards, deals 10 damage, cant be crafted but obtainable killing a royal guard

Enchanted Tome

A book wielded by enchanted librarians, deals continues damage to enemies, they can buff nearby guards at the future

Infinity Sword

A Legendary sword created by the ancient blacksmiths of the overworld, deals 19 damage and can summon lightning bolts when hitting someone


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