This add-on adds lucky blocks to Minecraft. When you destroy then, they will drop random items such as diamonds, dirt, emerald, gold, bedrock, armor or dragon egg. Sometimes it even drops enchanted apples.

This addon works for minecraft 1.10,1.11 and 1.12. Adds more than 15 different drops by destroying this block you will get random items

  • to obtain or create a lucky block you will need
  • iron ingots
  • 1 chest


• Improved the form of crafting the lucky block now only 9 iron ingots and 1 chest

• new drops were added such as: dragon egg, turtle egg, ender eye, obsidian, crystal, nethers bricks and the end portal


GoldEmeraldsDiamondsCarbonIron block of goldArmorSwordsAxesPickaxesHoesShovelGunpowderTear of ghastEnder pearlGolden and enchanted appleBedrockDirtCarrotPotatoCookieRedstoneCow meatChickenbreadPork MeatDragon EggTurtle EggNether bricksEnder EyeGlassObsidianEnd Portal


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