Lucky Block Ores (Beta 0.2)

ID: 21540

Lucky block

This is the most normal variant and drops basic things as sticks, planks and food

Green lucky block

The green variant drops construction  bblocks chainmail armor and tools

Blue lucky block

The blue lucky block drops archery tools, armor and swords

Dark blue lucky block

This lucky block is perfectly to speedrunner it drops beds, obsidian, ender  pearls and eyes.

Purple lucky block

This lucky block drops tools, armor obsidian, conatruction blocks and more

Pink  lucky block

The pink  lucky block drops ender eyes and peals, diamond armor and tools, obsidian.

Red lucky block

It drops minerals, enchant table , books, concrete and obsidian

Orange  lucky block

It drops blocks, redstone items, fodd and more.

Turquoise lucky block

It drops minerals, food, armors, and basic items

Desert lucky block

This lucky drops is adaptes to the desert biome and drops items of the same biome

Jungle lucky block

Addapted to the jungle biome drops wood, leaves, básica armors and more

Nether lucky block

It drops necessary items to tour adventure in the nether dimension

End lucky block

The end lucky block drops items of the sale dimension and more

Aether lucky block

Actually an idea because it not drops special items of the moded dimension only vanilla items

Dark lucky block

It drops blocks, armors and the the new shadow items

Rainbow lucky block

This is the hardest lucky block variant drops netherite, diamond, iron, tools, armor and the lucky items

The lucky armor

This armor is stronger than netherite and is totally enchantable

Also you can obtain the shadow armor and sword in the dark lucky block

To get it you craft the armor with lucky ingots or can get in rainbow lucky block

Also you can get the lucky rod


1. Lucky block ores beta 0