NEW Mutant Creatures Add-on (1.16+)

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Mutant Creatures

Mutant Zombie & Husk: This is basically a beefed up version of the ordinary zombie. With 150 Health, they cant be stopped however, when knocked down, it will rise and get stronger. They are able to summon minions that last for around 20 seconds. Using flint and steel when knocked down can will be able to defeat these Mutants

Mutant Creeper: They have four legs and a crooked neck which make them look more similar to a spider and as a result a little bit scarier. With 120 Health They cause much greater explosions and will not get hurt from any creeper explosions! There is a chance they can heal, but once it’s defeated at low health, run away! Previously creepers were afraid of ocelots but as a mutant, they take their revenge. 

Mutant Stray & Skeleton: With 160 Health, both became the master of archers as they now fire arrows at the same time and they will players and wolves. They both have 2 stages. Once they are knocked down, they will get back up and shoot arrows but this time with tnt! Trying to knock them again will explode into pieces of bones.

Mutant Wither Skeleton: This type of a Wither Skeleton has never looked more frightening. With 160 Health, they are more dangerous the Mutant Skeleton and Stray and they walk on lava. As it gets knocked down, it will just make it worse

Mutant Piglin & Piglin Brute: With 150 Health, this piglin is only neutral thats if a player wears any gold. Giving them Gold or a Block of Gold will give them in return something more then before. Unlike Piglin Brute, it will attack instantly!

Mutant Zombie Piglin & Pigman: With 150 Health, its one of the neutral mutants that only attacks if its being attacked. Its able to walk on lava and summon minions that are much stronger which last around 20 seconds. With it’s golden sword, it will deal allot of damage. Using flint and steel will have no effect. Yet.. This Pigman is one of the survivors in the Nether Update

Mutant Snow Golem: With 80 Health, This is a stronger version of Snow Golem. Like leaving a trail of snow, this one will turn water into ice! Any monster is spots will throw ice blocks! Taming it will be always with you and players will be able to ride it! Also use Shears to remove the pumpkin.

Mutant Wolf: This mutated wolf is slightly larger than before and also stronger. With 80 Health, any animals it sees will go attack! Once its tamed, its health will rise up to 130 and players will be able to ride it similarly to riding a horse and can also jump while riding. Why not dye the fur instead of collars. 

Mutant Skeleton Wolf: With 80 health, this skeleton wolf is slightly different than Mutant Wolf, it mostly lives in the nether and hostile to any players or wolves it spots! Capturing this “Hell Dog” isn’t a easy task, but if so there is a very rare chance to tame it!

 Mutant Spider Pig: With only 50 Health this spider pig is mutated from a spider and a pig together!. Once its got eyes on target, at a close rage, it will start using spider webs to make sure there is no escape! Any pigs or spiders it sees will mutate them into Spider Pigs!

Mutant Drowned: With 150 Health, its one of the power full mutants in the deep seas, lurking underwater. It swims extremely fast in the deep sea, It will summon minions that may have a trident around 20 seconds. With its big trident, it will deal of damage for melee and range mode. 

Mutant Enderman: The most powerful mutant ever created! With 200 health, this beast isn’t like one of those endermans. Instead it is able to create and turn into a clone confusing their target! With the power of the roar, it will cause a player to get weakened and can stop the rain! Like a normal enderman looking at it will attack except using a carved pumpkin will not do anything!

Chemical X!

This type of a potion is the cause of making mobs to mutants! There is a 50-50 chance that it will mutate!

It can also be crafted or brewed with these steps! Water bottle or Splash of Water Bottle will work to craft Chemical X  


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