Lucky Blocks Addon

ID: 20766

Welcome to the Lucky Blocks Addon! This addon includes six new Lucky Blocks into the game. With them being made each differently and dropping different things, all of them together could craft the best of the best: Rainbow Lucky Block

The Yellow Lucky Block drops random items/blocks and could be crafted with one chest in the middle and gold surrounding it. The other Lucky Blocks have better drops though, but being harder to craft.

The Emerald Lucky Block drops very good items such a simple diamond block, netherite block, Iron block etc. The reason to this is because emeralds are pretty hard to get in Minecraft (except in late game) NOTE: Emerald Lucky Blocks also drop ingots too so don‘t get your hopes to high.

Thought it could get better? Well there’s a Diamond Lucky Block too! This drops a beacon, netherite Block or even a God Apple. Remember these don’t all drop at once and drop one at a time. So you could possibly only get obsidian from it.

The Lapis Lucky Block is pretty much like the diamond one but drops a little less good stuff. It’s crafting recipe is also different from the others as it uses lapis blocks instead of lapis lazuli (Mainly because lapis is very easy to get)

2nd To last, comes the Redstone Lucky Block. This one is different from the others as it only drops redstone types of things such as a piston, repeater etc.

Finally comes the Rainbow Lucky Block. This bad boy can drop the best items/blocks in the game! With that amazing drops though comes the work to get it. Simply by using all of the Lucky Blocks in the game can craft you one. (It switches colors)


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