Survival Lucky Blocks

ID: 20771

A simple world in survival with a very special block, the LuckyBlocks.

When breaking the lucky blocks, meteorites, random spawns, multiple drops of items, traps, enemies like withers, creepers, slimes and much more can appear!

Survival LuckyBlocks V1.0


 For the correct functioning of the LuckyBlocks the difficulty must be in Difficult.

• The LuckyBlocks do not work correctly in other dimensions.

• There could be mistakes when playing with friends, it is recommended to play alone.

• The LuckyBlocks will only work in survival mode.


• Crafting recipe for LuckyBlocks

• When breaking the LuckyBlocks could appear meteors

 Giant zombies

• Random spawners

• You can also find random generations of LuckyBlocks in the Stronghold

• And in mountain biomes


1. Survivalluckyblocks