If you have missed the mini-game of hide and seek and have been looking for a good map for a long time, then download the Medieval hide and seek map for Minecraft on Android. Here you will find a rather large square, on which there is a medieval castle, which has a large number of rooms, as well as secret places where you can hide. In addition to the castle, there are other buildings on the territory, including a rather extensive mine, which also has many places where you can hide.

Since this map is created in the genre of hide and seek, then call all your friends and start an exciting game, there will be enough space for everyone.

How to play?
One of the players on the map becomes a beast, the other players will be given 2 minutes to hide. After that, the beast will go hunting and within 10 minutes, he must find all the players. If within 10 minutes all players are not found, the survivors must click on the button in the place where the monster appears.


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