The Mesa Biome (also known as the ‘Badlands’ Biome) is one of the most colorful biomes that you can encounter in a Minecraft world. I haven’t seen many iterations of its awesome terrain featured in Skyblock, so I built a Skyblock map that is Mesa-themed!

The map features one huge main island that contains a monster spawner in a Mesa-themed mineshaft, a starter chest filled with basic loot to get started on playing the map, and a hidden chest filled with valuable loot… I’m not telling you where on the island it is ;)!

I have playtested this map, and it is entirely possible to progress on this map practically the same way you would progress on a classic skyblock map.

The island is large enough for multiple people to play on the island at a time.

To progress the map, you will need basic skills & knowledge about surviving in a skyblock world, such as building a cobblestone generator, a basic mob grinder, and conserving important resources like saplings & wood.

Time for some snapshots!

When you spawn in the island, this is what you see at first glance.

The large chest in the picture below contains basic loot to easily start progressing.

Watch out! Next to your starter chest is a small abandoned mineshaft (Mesa Plateau variant) filled with cave spiders and a spider spawner. I recommend saving the spawner for a future mob grinder but don’t open the doors until you are ready! (I had to add fence gates to prevent the spiders from wandering out into the open)

Here are a couple of aerial shots of the whole island:

Please be sure to write a review of what you think of this jumbo skyblock map! This is my second map and I am glad to accept any requests to fix any bugs or critical balance flaws that might make this map too easy or too hard!


1. Mesa skyblock