If you like sports cars from the famous Ferrari company, then be sure to download and install the mod on the 1975 308GTB car. This car was created as a sports car that does not cost as much as other cars from this company. The author of this modification tried to make the maximum copy of the original, which looks just incredible.

In real life, this car was capable of speeds up to 250 km / h, and if you consider that this car was produced in 1975, then it was just incredible speed at that time.

In this modification, you can get this car in different colors, in total, you will have access to 5 different variations of the body color. If you like playing on city maps or have a collection of cars in Minecraft on Android, then be sure to download this mod.

How to get the?

To get this car, enter the following commands into the chat:

  • / summon 308gtb: silver
  • / summon 308gtb: yellow
  • / summon 308gtb: red
  • / summon 308gtb: redqv
  • / summon 308gtb: whiteqv


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