If you like rally cars and want to ride one of them in Minecraft then download and install the mod on Lancia 037 car. This is a great sports car that was developed in the 80s and took part in the WRC championship. This car had a powerful 325 hp engine. and was capable of a maximum speed of 260 km / h. Another main feature of this car was the mid-engine position, which gave the car incredible stability on the road.

In fashion, you will find several variations of this car, which will differ in body color. This car can move two players at once, and its speed is quite high, so be careful.

How to get the?
If you play in creative mode, then you will find all modifications of this car in your inventory by the keyword Lancia.

If you are playing in survival mode then simply enter one of the following commands into the chat line:

/ summon lancia: 037_white1

/ summon lancia: 037_red1

/ summon lancia: 037_black1

 / summon lancia: 037_martini1

IMPORTANT !!! For the mod to work, turn on all the functions of the experimental mode in the world setting, if you do not, then the mod will not work.


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