Mod Many things

ID: 21814

More Stuff is a Minecraft mod for Android that will add several dozen new items to the game. All items are different, the mod adds swords and food, as well as blocks and much more. One of the most exciting updates is the backpacks. With their help, you can transfer items directly in the inventory, thereby expanding it. Backpacks can be expanded and upgraded. There is a special backpack that will not burn in lava, and all the items in it are saved.

What has been added?
1. Swords. Added about 15 swords. They can be crafted from a variety of valuable resources and blocks. Emerald sword, a sword made from blocks of obsidian, lapis lazuli, red dust, hellstone and other resources. All weapons have special characteristics.

2. Food. hamburgers, hot dogs, bread are new types of food. An excellent solution to satisfy hunger and restore health.

3. Drinks. New types of drinks will help you get special effects. For example, Coca-Cola can give Regeneration 3 effect for 5 minutes, and coffee can increase the speed up to 10 minutes.

4. Items. Coffee Beans is the only item added. It is needed to craft coffee.

Backpacks have special mechanics. To create a backpack, you need to use 8 units of leather. After creating it, you need to place the backpack like a building block and click on it with the chest block.

The backpack can now be picked up and used. There is one more option for the player – to block the chest. Put the key in a special container and close the chest from all players who would like to open it.


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