Backpack Mod

ID: 21819

It’s strange that the first mod that fully adds backpacks to Minecraft PE appeared so late, but thanks to Backpacks, any player can enjoy a compact and mobile expansion of the inventory.

How it works?
You can see the recipe for crafting a backpack in Minecraft PE below.

Backpacks mcpe 1
Backpacks mcpe 2
Backpacks mcpe 3

To put on a backpack, just walk up to it. To take off – bend down and jump.

Backpacks mcpe 4

You can only look into your backpack when you take it off. At the same time, MCPE players can retrieve items from other users’ open backpacks on the go.

Backpacks mcpe 5
Backpacks mcpe 6

Use the triplet hook to open and close the backpacks.

Backpacks mcpe 7

There are a total of three different backpack sizes available. You can also paint it in any of the available colors.

Backpacks mcpe 8

To destroy the backpack, you need to bend low with a stick in your hands and hit it. Please note that all drops will be lost.

Backpacks mcpe 9

Small – 9 slots.

Backpacks mcpe 10

Medium – 15 slots.

Backpacks mcpe 11

Large – 27 slots.

Backpacks mcpe 12

Instructions for using the backpack are available in the settings.


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