Mod: Vanilla Backpacks

ID: 21824

Do you love spending hours in survival mode in Minecraft PE, but at the same time you constantly feel the lack of free space in your inventory? The Vanilla Backpacks mod will instantly solve this problem, because it introduces full-fledged work backpacks in Minecraft PE. This is a great solution for quickly increasing the number of available slots.

Vanilla Backpacks mcpe 1
Vanilla Backpacks mcpe 2

How it works?
Backpacks are very valuable, so the chances of them spawning are extremely low. They can be tamed with emeralds.

  • Android / iOS: Apply the emerald to the backpack and press the Claim Backpack button
  • Windows 10: Hold the emerald in the active slot and right-click on the backpack
Vanilla Backpacks mcpe 3

Important note: you won’t be able to use the backpack until you paint it, so have some ink ready beforehand. After painting, the backpack will jump onto your shoulders by itself.

Vanilla Backpacks mcpe 4
Vanilla Backpacks mcpe 5

The bag can only be opened by removing it from the shoulders. To do this, you just need to jump. Other players cannot open your backpack until they gain access to it.

Vanilla Backpacks mcpe 6
Vanilla Backpacks mcpe 7


  • Can be worn
  • Can be painted
  • Very functional
  • Protected from unauthorized access


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