AlienWar – a mod for Minecraft for Android, filling the game with alien mobs. They will create an atmosphere of chaos and destruction in the game. The mod is a small test for survival, because the player will need to protect his world from alien invasion. There are not only aliens, but also their robots, special technical equipment, and several new items. The main mob of the group of aliens is a mad scientist, he will rarely appear, but with a large group of mobs.

New mobs
1. Mad scientist.
– 50 units of health
– It is he who summons all other mobs.
– Uses potions as a weapon.
– On death, a laptop falls out.

2. Dama tu Kosita
– 100 damage.
– Shoots fireballs at the player.
– The installation disk for the laptop drops out as a drop.

3. Robot
– 70 health units.
– The robot can be created using a laptop and an installation disk, it will help the player.
– Friendly mob.
– Shoots fireballs.
– Only kills aliens.

4. Aliens
– 50 damage units.
– The attack deals 5 points of damage.
– On impact gives the effect of “levitation”.
– Spawn in deserts.

5. CrawlerBoss
– 100 damage.
– Appears in deserts.
– Resistance to fire.
– Destroys robots and the player with fireballs.
– Fire resistance.

6. UFO
– Flying saucer kidnaps players and robots.
– Flies along a random trajectory.

Items :
1. Notebook
– Drops out when the Mad Scientist dies.
– Allows you to create a robot.

2. Installation disc
– The installation disc is required to create a robot. It needs to be installed in a laptop, after which your personal robot will appear.


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