Transform into any creature by aiming a blaze rod at it and then releasing the blaze rod. You have the option to select from three different modes. You can assume the form of any creature. There is a mode specifically designed for hide and seek, in which all genuine animals are impervious to harm.

Version 1.2.0 allows you to transform into any targetable entity (excluding items like chests and command blocks, but including creatures like pigs, spiders, armor stands, minecarts, and many more) by using a blaze rod to target and releasing it. To revert to your original form, drop sugar. You can even transition from one animal to another without returning to your normal form. Refer to the video for detailed instructions. Please note the following key assignments: “mystructure:morpher_normal” for the standard morpher, “mystructure:morpher_structure” for hide and seek, and “mystructure:morpher_infinite” for a blaze rod that is retrievable upon dropping (this will make more sense when you watch the video).

The player assigned to morpher 1 will assume the role of the morpher. If another player joins the game, everything will function correctly, but only morpher 1 will have the ability to transform into entities. If the creature you’ve morphed into is eliminated, you will reappear as a regular player. If you require additional assistance, run the command “/function help.”


Morph Holding A Sword

Morph Holding Nothing


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