ID: 26744

Would you like to make your Minecraft mobile experience resemble that of a PC? If so, the PC UI resource pack is ideal for you. This pack modifies and enhances the mobile version of Minecraft to closely resemble the PC version by implementing the following changes:

  1. Conceals all on-screen buttons.
  2. Makes the F1 button invisible, placing it on the bottom right corner, and positions the F8 button to the left of the F1 button.
  3. Introduces an item hover system.
  4. Enhances the trading hover text.
  5. Provides button hover effects for the loom and stonecutter screens.
  6. Removes the interact text and interact button.
  7. Adds a quick crafting button beside the arrow and a quick trade option under the trade button.
  8. Allows for double-tapping on items in creative mode to acquire them.
  9. Corrects the positioning of boss health indicators.


1. Pc-ui