A Hide & Seek Map based on National Geographic. The map contains 5 main areas of Jungle, Desert, Savannah, Antartic and Ocean/Island alongside tunnels connecting the map together for easy travel to escape them pesky seekers.

Hide & Seek is a simple gamemode where one person is a seeker and has to find everybody else on the map. the last person to be caught is the winner.

This map has everything you need to have fun with friends. Every area has multiple hiding spots alongside tunnel systems to make travelling more fun and some secret areas with references to National Geographic.

As a bonus we have built an extra area from the spawn where you can go to learn about the animals featured on the map such as the Black Rhino, the Giant Panda and the Walrus.

When playing for YouTube please tag us in any shares on twitter so we can see how you tackle the Hide & Seek with your friends 


1. National-geographic-hs